Increased Quality Assurance –
with Block Chain

In setting about to create a global cryptocurrency a by-product of bitcoin has been the introduction of a technology, blockchain. IBM appear to have grabbed hold of this technology with both all its might.

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Banks have been guaranteeing, on the whole, the legitimacy of day-to-day transactions, the aerospace industry has been successfully assuring safe air travel for many years and supermarkets have been for the most part guaranteeing our food is safe to eat. But companies operating in these sectors achieve their current level of adequacy or supremecy at quite some cost, and you might be surprised at the lack of sophistication in their evolved solutions.

Cloud Computing and Blockchain is bringing about bank grade, internationally scalable, auditable solutions to all industries. Blockchain is disruptive. Organisations with talented engineers and IT folk will quickly harness this technology to establish higher quality supply at reduced cost. Here’s just a few examples: Certificate of Origin Batch Traceability Quality Management Customs and Excise Vehicle History NHS Blood and Transplant Fraud Squad Banking

There remain some obstacles to blockchain implementation but with opportunity for higher quality solutions at a mere 0.001% of the cost of available solutions today, this technology warrants more than a glance

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