Cloud Expo –
A new era for IT

Attending events is an important part of ‘doing business’, as far as the Cloud Kickers team is concerned. It’s a great way to catch up with good contacts, peers and customers – as well as making people aware of what we have to o er as a collective of top-level consultants operating in our individual fields.

To that end, earlier this month a handful of the team signed up to go to the Cloud Expo Europe Conference which took place at the ExCeL, London, where we manoeuvred our way around VIP lounges, networking events, drinks gatherings, exhibitors’ stands and, occasionally, the coffee shop.

Although many major brands are yet to catch up, a number of major brands were present and we were delighted to have the opportunity to touch base with HP, Rackspace, Docker and with SAP, to name just a few; and as one would expect at a trade show, there were a number of key topics being discussed

As with events from Microsoft and Amazon we heard success stories from companies who are transforming their commercial operations by embracing cloud technology. In 2016 a well-known foreign currency exchange presented a story of huge cost savings (>80%) through adoption of micro-services in their solution design and Monzo entering the banking sector with a similar approach. In 2017 it was TFL’s turn to boast about harnessing DevOps to create an unprecedented agility in their organisation.

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What stood out to us was the outstanding and bold leadership that has enabled each story to be realised. There is a now precedent beyond Netflix, Facebook, Uber .... of regular organisations successfully harnessing cloud technology to ensure their businesses move forward, and in doing so may withstand increasing market pressure and disruption.

The buzz for a few years now has been on Micro-services, Containerisation, DevOps and Identity Management yet the Cloud Expo in 2018 was the first time we’ve been impressed with coherent messaging and offerings from big name such as HP, Rack Space, SAP.

Cloud Kickers are SAP partners, Azure and AWS experts and are working with the big names to offer premium consultancy services. Our data driven approach to solution design means that our customers receive a solution that is predictable in terms of time, cost and quality, and furthermore means that it will be in line with the latest technologies and will conform to integration and security standards including GDPR – another rather timely hot topic being discussed at the event!

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