Thriving in the API economy meeting the challenge of integration

Thriving in the API economy: meeting the challenge of integration

The constantly evolving digital sphere presents many challenges and opportunities for the businesses operating within it. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is disrupting every industry and every business, with high speed technological breakthrough and the immense impact of new systems transforming how businesses operate.

The benefits and opportunities of the API economy are plentiful; making it easier to integrate and connect people, places and systems as well as create new user experiences and business models. However, the promise of greater integration can also be seen as a challenge for many businesses.

In a rapidly changing digital environment, businesses are often faced with the need for new software systems, increased functionality, and a shift to cloud-based platforms in order to adapt to these changes.

As more and more businesses are working to add functionality to support process improvements, they often realise that their current ERP cannot provide this functionality, or the offering is too costly and not the best on the market.

This leads firms to realise that the best apps available are only available as SaaS offerings, and implementing them presents the challenge of integrating new ERPs and Apps into their business. When seeking advice from their ERP support organisation, all too often the response is that they do not know how to provide the integration because they are unfamiliar with the new application, or they can say they can but want to charge ‘big bucks’.

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