We are a team of highly
skilled, motivated consultants

Providing Solution Architecture, Functional Consulting, System and Process Analysis, Expert Data servives, Intergration and Implementation services.

Cloud Kickers can help you achieve your business #digitaltransformation in a period of radical changes in both technology and #software supply chains.

Exceptional people

Cloud Kickers is an agile, vendor neutral consultancy service and secure business solutions provider that works with clients to tackle the challenges of the new digital era and the API economy head on.

Recognising 2016 as pivotal year in Information Technology, brought about by revolutions in Cloud Computing, Cloud Kickers founder and Chief Technical Officer Simon Kenworthy decided to develop a ‘systems integrator with a difference’.

Believing that undergoing a digital transformation should be about achieving a competitive advantage, and not simply the technical implementation of particular software, the Cloud Kickers team adopts a ‘pragmatic over prescriptive’ approach with a view to ‘adding value’ to the company in question.

As such, the business is a defined ‘trailblazer’ that has brought together a team of highly skilled ‘integration consultants’ widely regarded as guardians and pioneers within their arena.

Simon is now joined by some of the industry’s leading experts including IT leader David Hewitt and SAP Development Expert, Andrew Byrnes.

We understand evolving trends in software procurement, implementation and deployment.

  • All major software vendors are moving to become cloud platforms.
  • Smaller (niche) vendors are offering applications in marketplaces within those platforms.
  • Subscription model is replacing large capital investment for ERP.
  • Monolithic ERP systems are being replaced by hybrid and increasingly integrated ‘Best of Breed’ applications running in the Cloud.
  • Cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS are replacing on premise infrastructure.

Our values

  • We promote a collaborative relationship, ensuring we listen and understand our clients’ objectives. Solutions we will be pragmatic not prescriptive.
  • We are focused on deliverables, our commercial proposition is ‘Value-add’.
  • We are comfortable in a mixed or hybrid software environment and do not promote any specific vendors or solutions.
  • We provide true Leadership: communicating, coaching, managing and taking responsibility.
  • We recognize that Transformation is a process for achieving competitive advantage, not a technical implementation of particular software.
  • Working to our own IRONCLAD standards, Cloud Kickers and all of its staff are committed to generating solutions that are predictable in terms of time, cost and quality.